Master Data Management

Asset-intensive industries operate in a fast-paced environment with dizzying volumes of data. Lack of data standards, controls and structured governance processes leads inexorably to inaccurate, inconsistent and non-compliant data. Infoplus master data management solutions craft a single version of the truth and allow your master data to achieve the strategic foundational goal of providing accurate and reusable information, seamlessly syndicated across your organisation.

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Solutions & Benfits

Material Master Data Standardisation And Enhancement

Material masters are the largest and most complex of all master data types. In most manufacturing and asset-intensive organisations, material master data has been entered by dozens of individuals, over decades, to a variety of short-hands and standards, and with little governance. Data has accumulated both through everyday operating activities as well as mergers and acquisitions. End-users, manufacturing, purchasing, engineering and finance share the resultant common data challenges of duplication, inconsistent, inaccurate and incomplete descriptions. Often, small in-house data-cleaning projects have attempted to alleviate the problems. Infoplus MDM data cleaning solutions provide a stable long-term cure. Our implementations utilise leading software, are based on international standards and our market-leading technical dictionary, leverage our structured vendor reference catalogue, follow consistent processes and are delivered by a large team of experienced professionals. The outputs of the project are corporate-wide dictionary standards, consistent and compliant descriptions, and duplicate elimination. In other words, golden materials data. This enables efficient searching, improved asset utilisation and enhanced procurement activities.

Material Master Data Governance

Legacy data-cleaning cleaning addresses one piece of the master data jigsaw. Master data governance is equally essential. Every organisation and ERP implementation is unique, and it is vital that your governance strategy is applicable to your specific business needs. Using our standard and highly configurable workflow software, our team of professionals design, build and implement appropriate master data governance solutions for large manufacturing and asset-intensive organisations. These strategies have a number of parts - standards, processes, software and resources - that we advise upon and implement alongside your team. The Infoplus MDM approach, grounded in the reality that you have multiple consumers of data, has the long-term firmly in focus, and includes data from global to warehouse levels across your entire operational business system and all entities. A successful data governance strategy ensures ongoing consistent, accurate material master data is created using approved corporate processes, approvals and controls, that dictionary standards are properly implemented and governed, that the correct internal and external resources are utilised, that the request process is efficient and visible, and that end-users can search and find materials, quickly.

Material Master Data Cleaning Consultancy

Infoplus MDM have provided expert data cleaning and consultancy services on every continent (except Antarctica). Our large team of dedicated subject matter experts cover all technical domains, and have processed millions of material records for scores of clients in multiple industry verticals. Master data projects are inherently complex, and our successful solutions combine niche software and our deep specialist services. Effective implementations and projects often require a combination of internal and specialist external resources, and our large team of qualified, experienced professionals add value to your organisation, both during the project phase and during long-term governance. Infoplus MDM work with you to ensure you have a suitable blend of internal and external resources, our professionals are appropriate to your needs, and our personnel are able to seamlessly blend in with - and add value to - your team.


Data Quality Benefits
  • Consistent, structured and compliant data
  • Defined dictionary templates and standards and common naming conventions
  • Harmonised descriptions across all regions
  • Elimination of duplicates
  • A single source of the truth
Process benefits
  • Automated defined workflows and approval processes
  • Structured and fully configurable workflow
  • Fully integrated workflow
  • Faster request processing and turnaround times
  • Our specialist cataloguers liberate your front-line resources
visibility and control benefits
  • Enterprise-wide master view enables data analytics, prevents unnecessary purchases and optimises inventory
  • Full visibility of workflows and material request status
  • Improved spend analytics for strategic sourcing
  • Improved searching and finding
  • Improved reporting and monitoring
commercial benefits
  • Reduce corporate spend on engineering spare parts
  • Reduce free-text and off-contract spend
  • Reduce stock holding and transfer surplus stock
  • Reduce processing time
  • Conduct strategic sourcing events with existing and new suppliers

Education Solutions

One Step learning solution for every technical student/professionals Learnengg platform proud to announce to be part of NEAT initiative by MHRD & AICTE. The aim of NEAT is to bring the best technological Products in education pedagogy on a single platform for the convenience of learners. Technology Products using Artificial Intelligence for customized learning or e-content in niche areas having highly employable skills are identified for showcasing on the portal


World Largest Visual Rich Digital Content Database for Technical Education.


Our Services

Content Products

We are open to change and maintain flexibility.

Q & A Products

We value our people, encourage their development and reward their performance.

Learning Objects

I / We put quality first to deliver WOW services


Learning can happen anywhere both the online /offine with our Content Product and Important Question & Answers on Personal Computer, Laptop, TAB, Mobile featuring enhanced navigation and faster streaming for anytime learning.


Our Approach

Solution offered by combining best of Indian and Western way of Teaching and Learning. In India, Engineering is taught through Concepts and Fundamentals, while in the West, it is done thru Products and Applications

Fundamental Law
Fundamental Law
Fundamental Law
Fundamental Law
Fundamental Law
Fundamental Law
Fundamental Law
Academic Model

Solution offered by combining best of Indian and Western way of Teaching and Learning.
In India, Engineering is taught through Concepts and Fundamentals, while in the West, it is done thru Products and Applications.

Academic Model

Our Solution is measured and bench marked agianst well known 4-Quadrant approach recommended for ICT enabled education.

Four Quadrant Approach

Academic Model

Our eLearning solution is compatible to SCORM standards.

Depth Of Content

We provide in depth level of content arranged in the
1. unitwise
1.1 Chapterwise
1.1.1 Topicrwise

  • This arrangement is followed based on the lesson planning and as per university/Board/NCVT syllabus.
  • At First, Text Content is provided with details as per topic requirements. It is supported by sketches and images.
  • Visual demonstrations (mostly 3D) are embedded across for better understanding.
  • It is followed by a self-assessment

Depth of Content

Depth of Content

Depth of Content

Our Special Features are:

  • Reference text books for given topic/subject.
  • Links to other open resource in world wide web.
  • Summary of Units and Measurements applicable to specific product.
  • A summarized table detailing all formulae across the subject.

Depth of Content


The demonstration Hub (D-Hub) in the Home panel, provides collection of all the 3D/2D demonstration arranged topic-wise and it is a single point access of all the 3D/2D demonstration available for the subject (number around 200+ for each subject).

Depth of Content

Depth of Content

  • Towards the examination, the students will require to learn and understand the subject to score more for better academic performance.
  • Typically the students will expect how do I score more in the exam? To support and extend our product to this scenario we have developed separate Question and Answer product for every subject.
  • Last 5 semesters experience reflects typical success rate of Q&A app is around 75%.
  • Q&A app is delivered as a Android/Desktop app.

Depth of Content

Depth of Content



  • Reference text books for given topic/subject.
  • Links to other open resource.
  • Summary of Units and Measurements across the subject.
  • A summarized table detailing all formulae across the subject.

  • Solved Problems with visual explanations.
  • Important formulae for quick review.


  • Improved Comprehension and retention.
  • Better attention and attendance in the class room.
  • Significant improvement in score of the average student leading to Positive shift in Mean Score of the class.
  • The students would respond better to 3D Visual medium and this stimulation trigerring higher order thinking skills in them.
  • The product takes away the boredom of passive lecture notes and brings in diversity through the multimedia and inter-personal nature of the product, with participation both by the teacher and the taught. Hence, resulting in more attention of the students in the class room.
  • Language independence.
  • Making them Industry-ready.
  • Best practice followed by the experienced teachers available to conduct the class.
  • Better quality of material available for explanation.
  • Standardisation of the course content and flexibility to introduce well researched material.
  • Time to complete the course is reduced which can be used for tutorial etc.
  • Since the teacher would spend little or no time on blackboard writings, they will have more time for problem solving, as well as discussing university examination papers.
  • The product would fast-track the process of developing effective and efficient teachers.
  • Enhanced Employability of the outgoing students.
  • Addressing the core issue of lack of faculties in general and particularly in the rural areas.
  • Supplementing lack of industry visits by virtually bringing the Industry practices into the classroom.
  • Complementing lack of adequate infrastructure in terms of huge equipments and models with each institute.
  • Pleasantly compelled to complete the syllabus within allocated duration.
  • Improved attendance.
  • Class room content standardization across the state including rural / remote locations where internet connectivity is poor / lacking.
  • Increase availability of employable resources for industry to Grow.

3D/2D visuals are well annotated in simple English so that the students from rural areas and those who have studied in their vernacular language in school, could clearly and quickly understand and comprehend the Technical concepts and applications and thus circumventing language dependence and enhances the pass % both in the examination and employability, of even weaker students from different environments.

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