IT Staffing Solutions

We add value to our clients’ staffing requirements

With more than two decades of operation, Infoplus Technologies has grown into a internationally recognized staffing service provider because of its innovative technical savvy engineering teams. Through a clear vision and a customized plan, these teams provide cutting edge staffing services to all IT companies including industry giants, mid-sized and unicorns. We've been honoured to have dedicated recruitment teams in various countries with complete end-end teams in: UK, US, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Germany and India

We add value to our clients’ staffing requirements coming from different business spectrums. We have different engagement models tailored for every business and industry needs; moreover, these engagement opportunities are clearly documented and adhered though Master Service Agreements. The MSA also will specify terms and procedures regarding engagement duration, hours tracking, billing protocols, indemnifications and other items required for successful contract execution . The MSA is highly customizable based on the client needs.

  • For each client one Dedicated Business relationship manager and one account manager
  • CV response Lead time is 8 hours
  • Candidate deployment time is 1 Day
  • internal Database access to 100 thousands profiles
  • IT Staffing Dedicated global offices are 10
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Our Staffing Models

We manage hiring, employment, and payroll while our contractor is busy at your location. We provide swift access to qualified talent and an expert approach to matching the right candidate for the right position in driving better business results. Our stringent and effective screening process ensures you get extremely talented and technically proficient consultants for your organization. When your mission is accomplished, we make off-boarding process easy so you can move forward without the any hassles. Throughout the search and interview process, Elite Technical recruiters and account manager will locate candidates who would be a great fit with your business’ culture, position requirements, and goals.

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Contract Staffing

When you need to quickly ramp up projects, Infoplus Technologies provides cost efficient and right candidates who can fit the bill to get the job done. Our contract staffing services help accomplish your goals without adding employee headcount and associated long-term costs.

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Contract to Hire

At Infoplus Technologies, we provide flexibility to hire contractors deployed in your projects temporarily, and the contractor can become your permanent employee in the future if you are interested to convert the tempararoty postion into permanent employment.

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Permanent Placement

It is inevitable that every organization will be looking to increase staff for a new business/project or to replace an employee because of reorg/restructuring. In such scenarios, Infoplus technologies comes handy wherein business relationship manager with strong technical talent works with the client on end-to- end process.

All our staffing models predominantly implement two different set of tasks.

  • Core Staffing Activities :Recruitment (External & Internal) Selection and Employment( Decision Making and Final Match)
  • Support Activities :Legal compliance, Planning and Job analysis & Rewards
Material Master Data Cleaning Consultancy

Partnership Programme

We strongly believe in right partnerships who are pioneers in the IT staffing process. For this, we run a recruitment partner program. If you meet these criteria and interested, please fill in the details on contact page so that our expert will get in touch with you.

Our Approach

Our simple and effective staffing strategy is not just about hiring employees but making the best staffing choices available to address the core business needs of our clients.

Request flows from Client to Infoplus Business Relationship Manager

  • The requirements are Evaluated, Discussed with the account manager and approve by the BRM
  • Finalized Requirement posted on Infoplus Portal with all details by dedicated Team Leader

Recruiters assigned by the associated account manager

  • Automated Email goes to the assigned Recruiters, all Recruiters, account manager and BRM
  • Queries raised by Recruiters addressed by the Account Manger

Search / Hunt Begins

  • Firstly, in-house talent pool and database will be reviewed and then external search begins
  • After through stringent assessment process, the qualified CVs will be shared with the client, as approved by the Manager.